Acne Studios Lookbook


The Objetive: To create a lookbook for Acne Studios and make it playful, and vibrant while still sending a message to the reader.

The Story: The day starts like any other day at school. Boring classes, boring classes, and more boring classes, until it is finally lunch time... A group sit together for lunch at the school’s cafeteria, only to be dissatisfied with their meals. They have the brilliant idea to trade sandwiches, cookies, fruit punch...Until the stakes get a little higher. A necklace for your glasses, a jacket for your bag?


the process


The end result

The Team: Alyssa Rossenberg, Anna Wolfe, Paloma Llanes

Photographer: Adele Trefry

Models: Mihn Dihn, Geoffrey Haggray, Alex Bowen, Anthea Sombroekk, Stella Delaughter